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Rise of the Iliri #8, coming October 12th!

Rise of the Iliri



In a world where metal is hard to come by and fossil fuels are almost non-existent, the humanoid species called iliri are the resource that keeps society functioning. The Conglomerate of Free Citizens uses them for everything from menial tasks, such as scrubbing floors, to soldiers conscripted in the war against Terric. Salryc Luxx is sick of it.

She knows she’s as good as any human, even if her pale skin and sharp teeth make her strange. When she gets a chance to join one of the elite military units, she’s willing to prove she’s more than a beast. The Black Blades are the best of the best. Tackling the jobs no one else can handle, they earned their fame pushing back the army trying to invade her country and exterminate her species.

There’s one thing Parliament hasn’t figured out.  The Black Blades are iliri-human hybrids hiding in plain sight. They’re not just a unit; they’re a pack. From telepathy to reading thoughts with a touch, their natural abilities make them the perfect predators – or soldiers. 

With a commanding officer that pulls at her heartstrings and a partner that brings out the most primal feelings she’s ever known, Sal will risk everything to get the equality her species deserves.  But will the Black Blades risk losing her?  

The iliri are ruled by alpha females, and Sal is the last one.  Whether she likes it or not, she’s exactly what her people have been waiting for.  There’s only one catch.  She was raised by humans, so never learned to play by the rules.

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The Kiss of Death

Demons and Angels 1

The newest series by Auryn Hadley is taking the Reverse Harem genre by storm.

It takes an artist to imagine Death incarnate as her savior, but that’s exactly what Sienna did. The doctors told her it was a hallucination from the pain medications, but there’s one problem. He’s back, and he’s looking to be inspired. She’s his Muse.

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Who is Auryn Hadley?

auryn-bannerMost authors felt a calling. So many people will tell you they always wanted to write a book. Yep, I’m not one of them. I also wasn’t the child who always had a story ready. Sure, I had an active imagination, but it was always framed as a question. Usually, the same question over and over: “What if…?”

I asked questions that other people couldn’t understand, let alone answer. It boiled inside me, most often manifesting as little more than typical childhood rebellion.

Until it wasn’t. Somewhere along the way, I learned to play the game, to fit in, to be exactly what everyone said I should be. I gave up the daydreams and settled down for the reality of life, thinking of little more than paychecks and mortgages. I stopped reading, drawing, dancing, and making music. Society said it was time to be responsible, and that meant giving up the arts.  Until once again, I dared to ask, “What if?”

i9utjkdfIt all came rushing back to me with the force of teen emotions and shelves flooded with paperback friends. I had a story brewing and it was based on that one simple question.  I started writing because no one was telling my story. The heroes were always too good, too perfect, too implausible. That doesn’t mean they can’t be good people, but I wanted to see something different. Now I can’t stop. From strong women to kind men, humans to aliens, I enjoy pushing the stereotypes and looking at what lies under the surface of a good story.