You know I’ve been waiting for that book, right?

amazon-1580654One of the most asked questions I get about my books is, “When will the next one be out?”  Fair question.  I totally get it, and I do my best to answer as honestly as I can.  Here’s the thing, though.

Sometimes, I’m wrong.

When We Were Crowned is a perfect example of this.  I’m SO far behind schedule on it (and I’m sorry!) but I’ve realized that this is my Cursed Book.  While working on it, just about everything that can go wrong has.  From my father having surgery, my dog destroying a box of dinnerware, a sick horse, and more.  The first time I had to set it aside was because I spent 5 days in the hospital for a kidney stone.  That was a year ago.

I promise that none of it is intentional, and some of it isn’t really a big deal (while other parts have really sucked).  I’m still going to finish this book.  Right now, I’m down to an “if it’s the last thing I do” mentality.  Not another word will be written or published on anything else until WWWC is live for my adoring fans who have waited so long.


I can’t help but see posts by readers on social media complaining about slow releases.  Now, for the most part, my fans are wonderfully understanding.  So long as I keep them in the loop, they’re willing to forgive me.  That doesn’t mean everyone is.  Seeing a booklover whine and complain about slow releases by their “formerly favorite authors” (who are rarely named, and probably not me) is just a little irritating.

It wasn’t that long ago that traditional publishing houses ruled the book market.  Back in 2012 (just six years ago, my friends) ebooks were barely making a dent.  A decade ago, self-publishing of any kind was a death sentence to an author’s career.  The Trade Markets ruled our literature gateways, and we liked it.

Authors produced ONE book every year at most.  Yeah, I know, there are a few rare exceptions to this, but 99% of authors weren’t popular enough to warrant the funds necessary to get a book out.

Stop and read that again.  Big money corporations couldn’t justify spending that much money to produce a book!  And now we expect housewives and retirees to do it better and faster?

I’m not saying it isn’t possible.  Oh, I think the determination of independent authors has made it clear that we can do just about anything.  I am shocked that people were just fine with 12 months of waiting before the indie revolution, but now that the person WRITING the book also has to contract out an editor, cover designer, formatter, marketing, personal publicity, social media management, track all necessary updates (including back matter in previously released works), plan release schedules, do promotions tours, and still cook, clean, and spend time with their families…  we now expect it to happen FASTER?  Trade Publishers have entire teams dedicated to each of those tasks.

Hell, George RR Martin still hasn’t finished the last book in A Song of Ice and Fire!  No one seems that upset by it, either.  It’s been YEARS.

But the little guy busting his/her ass to make a few bucks is expected to do it better and do it faster?  That kinda makes me angry.  Not for myself, mind you.  I’ve been so lucky with my fan base.  My readers are some of the best, and those who dislike me seem to do little more than send hate mail and vanish.  Those who enjoy my writing cheer me on even when I screw it up royally.  (See When We Were Crowned’s lack of release for one such example!)

*ahem*  But back to my point.  I’m a crotchety old bitch.  If you don’t like my books, I really don’t care.  I’m not exactly mainstream, I pump out novels that are two to three times the size of what is typical in my genre – much to my readers’ delight – and I have enough dedicated fans to keep me going regardless of what the masses think.

Nope, I’m annoyed for that debut author who just bared her soul to the world after spending ten years working to get a few scraps of free time to write a book.  I’m annoyed for that USA Today bestselling author who took a chance to branch out, but her underperforming series needs to be put on the back burner so she can keep up with her main genre.  I’m annoyed for the author who took a chance, did well enough to get noticed, but still has to work full time, manage her family, and finish her degree.  I’m mostly annoyed that all of this reader entitlement that I see isn’t coming from Millennials, but from people old enough to have been bibliophiles before the days of kindle.

Trust me, as authors, we don’t really want you all up in our daily lives.  We certainly don’t want to come across as anything but competent.  When a book is delayed, there’s probably a very good reason for it – even if that’s nothing more nefarious than not knowing how to end the story, or having anxiety over being good enough.  Writing is hard.  It takes time, concentration, and dedication.  If you’re honestly a fan of the author, ask them if they have any idea when the next book in your most adored series will be out, and if they say it’s delayed or set aside, realize that even we indies have to prioritize what sells most so we can pay the bills.

Writing is not a career that will every make us rich.  If we’re lucky, we might get to be comfortably middle class.  All authors have to make hard calls, and we honestly feel bad about it.  We simply can’t be all things to all people, and if you’re one of those in the minority, suck it up and move on.  There are over eight million books available on Kindle alone.  I’m sure there’s more out there on other platforms.  It’s not like any of us are hurting to find something to read, even if we really REALLY wanted that one series to get finished.

Basically, what I’m saying is that it’s fine to critique our work.  It’s great to give constructive criticism.  It’s even better to spread the word about novels you’ve loved.  Acting like a self-entitled douche who believes that because you want something, an author should produce it for you?  Just stop already.  We’re trying.  Bitching about it isn’t going to make us go any faster.  Sometimes, life just happens – even to an author.

30 thoughts on “You know I’ve been waiting for that book, right?

  1. I have just finished reading one of your books, my first of yours called The Kiss of Death. I was not sure I was going to like it but WOW I loved it. Thank you for the adventure. Checking out your other books now.


    1. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. When writing, I like to look at things from a different angle and I think it keeps the stories fresh. It’s also a challenge!


      1. I’m so excited for the next one! I’m dying to see her with all of them! They are an amazing team. Very well written!! P.S. I won’t ask when the next one is since we don’t know. But I am SO ready for it!


      2. I’m hoping to get the Wolf of Oberhame #3 out as soon as possible. Rise of the Iliri #8 is planned for this summer, and Demons’ Muse #2 is going to be after that, so late summer or fall if all goes well, with Gamer Girls #3 finishing up 2018 for me.


      3. I’m not sure how to make my own comment haha so I hit reply to one of yours! I just finished Kiss of Death and it was AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your creative genius with us!!!


  2. Hey! I know, you just made clear that WWWC is your Cursed Book and stuff, but do you have any estimation when you will be done? Like, this year or something? I really like the series, and would like to know what happens next…


  3. I have enjoyed each an every book of yours and I have them all. Is it possible to get an eta on the 8th book of the Rise of the llirs. No rush just wanted to know when to start looking for it.😇


  4. Just found you this week thanks to a fellow fan on Ilona Andrews’ blog. So happy I did. I devour books (at least a 100 pages an hour) and am always looking for new authors to feed my addiction.
    Yes, it takes a village of authors to satisfy this reader. I’m not big on leaving comments and prefer to vote for books with money, when I can afford it, but you’ve asked for reviews so I’m willing to try.
    Please confirm that the reviews on Kindle is where you want the reviews. (I read 5 in three days, so I’m ready to go.) As soon as I get some housekeeping done, I’ll be getting another 3, so I’d like the comments to be where they will do the most good.
    Enjoying your work, so the money will keep coming in from me, but if I can spend the word to get other money’s coming in, I’ll go for it.


    1. Thank you so much! And yes, reviews on Kindle (Amazon) do the most good. Goodreads also helps a lot. I really appreciate you being willing to leave your thoughts.


      1. Quick question: Are you planning on writing more of the Ilirian series? (Sorry to bother you, but couldn’t find anything on your blog.)

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Yep, I’m working on the last book of the Wolf of Oberhame series, then I’ll be back into Rise of the Iliri! The plans this year are to release: Wolf of Oberhame 3, Rise of the Iliri 8, Demons’ Muse 2, and Gamer Girls 3 in 2018.


  5. GIRL- YOU ROCK! I have been reading romance in all genres for about 39 years now – averaging 3-4 books a week… which means when something new and fresh comes along that really catches my interest and leaves me impatient for the next book that is saying something. Thank you for your talented storytelling, it makes this average girl very happy…. currently finished with the Wolf of Oberhame – When We Were Dancing book 2…. I could literally see the characters popping off the pages. Eagerly awaiting your next book in the series… Any authours you might suggest to look up? Thanks for your time!


  6. Hey Audyn! I just finish all Rise of the Iliri books as well as Kiss of Death and I just have to tell you that I loved them! I had a root canal get infected and spent the last 2 weeks in pain going back and forth to the hospital every few hours for IV antibiotics and your books definitely helped me keep going. Seriously I needed something to pull me in and forget the crap going on and all your books did that. Thanks for creating such great characters! I’m going to go start on The Wolf of Oberhame now. Please keep writing, you really are amazing!


  7. Hi – I stumbled across ‘One More Day’ and fell in love… I’ve read and re-read the story. It really touched my heart. Are you planning any ‘spin-offs’? I’ll definitely be all over any of them!

    I told my bestie about it and she was also enamoured with the characters you created.


    1. I have spinoffs planned for the others, BUT I have overbooked myself, so they are currently on hold. I do, however, have other contemporary romances that are a little darker, and yet still just as hopeful (because, let’s be honest, cancer’s a pretty dark topic). Maybe they’ll hold you over until I can get to those? (I know, I doubt it, but hey, was worth letting you know!)


  8. I found your Rise of the Illiri as a free book. I now have all 7 books. I LOVE them. My mom does too! (I shared with her) When I finally get some spare money, looking forward to trying your other series. I’m eagerly looking forward to the 8th book coming out soon. Please keep up the great job. Your books are able to take me away from my very stressful situation right now and that’s very much appreciated. 😍


  9. I want to thank you for one of the most incredible reads I’ve ever had! “The Rise of the Iliri”!! The love,tragedy,humor,suspense,hatred was so well done! I got so hooked on this story I couldn’t put it down. Put everything on hold but my job to see how this ends. Can’t wait till the next one comes out! You truly are gifted!


    1. Thank you! October 12th is the release date for Upheaval, Rise of the Iliri 8. It’s currently available for preorder! Fingers crossed that you like it as much as the ones before.


      1. Any chance of you adding a pre-order link? I went to Amazon and searched your name but no new book and no pre-order showed. I’ve been looking forward to this release. Thank you very much!

        Sent from my iPad



      2. Use the link to find and order it. I then double check by going directly to Amazon and eventually found it. Amazon usually list Pre-orders or latest releases first, but this was far down the page. No sure why non-publisher-house authors are treated the same as traditional. It’s unfortunate, as is the unbelievable low price. I was ready and willing to spend 7 or 8 dollars for it, like I do with most books. It doesn’t seem right that you spent at 6 months to a year on something and receive so little return on your investment. I really hope you sell lots and lots of books. I’ll add my review when I’ve read it and share with my other reading groups, but I think you should concider increasing you price. If your still selling this far into the series it’s a good indication of the success of the series.


  10. I’m so glad you wrote this. I must admit there have been times when I’ve been annoyed by release dates being moved. Of course (as is a writers prerogative) they don’t always give a full reason why. This made me realise why that could be. I honestly think that writers, especially independent writers, are amazing people to do everything they do and still put out a little “escape” into the world. But sometimes we forget that you have families and actuall lives to live as well.
    So thank you for putting this out there for those of us who haven’t lived in your shoes.
    I freaking LOVE ROTI!!! I’ve been reading back to back and am so addicted. I cannot wait to read books 9 and 10 when you get around to them. Xxx


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