The Curse of WoO #3



It seems the curse has struck again.  For some reason, Wolf of Oberhame 3 seems to hate me.  Every time I sit down to work on this novel, things happen that make it hard to actually WRITE.  It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just Murphy’s Law jumping in with a whole lot of special effects.

It started with my father having sudden shoulder surgery.  Driving him to medical appointments didn’t do much for typing out words.  Then a pet got sick and needed almost constant attention.  Somewhere along the way, I set the last book of my gladiator series aside and managed to release a few other works.

But it’s been so long since I started this series, and I really want to finish it.  Hell, the fans want to read the ending!  So, I’ve cut myself off from social media, refuse to write a word in anything that isn’t When We Were Crowned, and it’s coming along so well.  Honestly, this book is going to be so good.

Then the Curse of WoO3 struck again.  About a year ago, I ended up with a pair of orphaned kittens.  We named them Leyli and Tristan.  Well, a few nights ago, Tristan ran out the door.  In seconds, he was across the street, into a pasture, and gone, thrilled to be free in the wilderness.  We tried to find him, called for him, and nothing.

The next morning, he was dead, hit by a car.

So, I’m taking a little break from you, WoO 3.  Just a few days so I can mourn my sweet Tristan without having to type his name over and over all day long.  But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up.  I will not write a word in anything else until this series is done, so listen here, Curse… you will not win.

Just don’t judge me for encasing Leyli in Bubble Wrap.


3 thoughts on “The Curse of WoO #3

  1. Oh, thank you so much for trudging on. I absolutely love this series and, yes, am waiting almost patiently for the final book. However I would never trade a book for a cat’s life so I grieve with you. I remember many day spent outside the front door with a spray bottle training my cats nothing good waited outside that door. Unfortunately must report only modest success🙃


    1. Yeah, and he’d been so good about not caring, until that one moment. I just need a little bit, because every time I type his name, I turn into a blubbering mess, and it’s really not helping the story. Well, not unless y’all want Tristan to be killed in a horrible carriage accident? I think a few days is a much better idea.

      And thanks for being patient. I really this When We Were Crowned is going to be amazing, if it would only let me write it.


  2. I’m so sorry that you are grieving. I haven’t had a pet since I was a kid because it hurts to lose them. Sending good thoughts your way.


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